Playground Designer Day Care Project

Playground Designer Day Care Project

  • Manchester, NH
  • 4,500 sq. ft.

We often work with Playground Designers and Professional Landscapers to bring their playground surface design ideas to life. This project is a perfect example of a collaboration with a Playground Designer and a Playground Equipment Manufacturer.

As a Certified Playground Safety Inspector and designer, Doug Knotts, president of Premier Park & Play in New England created this play area with safety in mind. Not only did he specify poured in place rubber flooring, but he also made it part of the fun by giving the surface its own unique design. The project, a daycare (Southern New Hampshire Services), showcases Doug’s expertise in transforming an old playground into something completely new. For the poured rubber surface he designed a trike path and turf field. We were happy to bring his vision to life.

The surface complements playground equipment from one of our other project partners, Nature of Early Play. The play equipment, specially designed for small children, works perfectly for this project and includes play structures, play houses, art panels and a music garden.

We love to partner with these two companies to make their ideas come to life.