A work team replacing rubber tiles with poured rubber playground surfacing

How much does a poured rubber playground cost?

Safety surfaces are great for play areas, but what does a poured rubber playground cost in 2022? That’s the question we’re answering here. First, we’ll look at poured rubber safety surfaces in general by tackling some frequently asked questions about poured rubber playground cost per square foot. Second, we’ll give you an overview of some […] Read More +

How Much Does Poured-in-Place Rubber Cost per Square Foot?

While researching poured rubber safety flooring, you’ll find that it’s also commonly called wet pour rubber, pour-in-place (PIP) rubber, and poured surfacing. Poured rubber has earned its popularity as a top flooring/surfacing choice for high-traffic, high-activity areas like recreation facilities, pool decks, gyms, garages, resorts, dog parks, water parks, splash parks, daycare centers, equestrian centers, […] Read More +

Grant Options for Rubber Playground Surfacing

Looking into how to pay for that new playground? See our playground grants resource list. Most often, the first thing we talk about with prospective new playground surfacing customers and local community organizations is budget. For obvious reasons we (and they) must stay within their budget constraints. But there are a significant number of playground […] Read More +