Complete Rooftop Playground Install

Complete Rooftop Playground Install

  • Queens, NYC (Far Rockaway, NY)
  • 11,400 sq. ft.

Playground surface installation for NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)

This was a complete rooftop playground flooring solution in New York City. We installed “surface mount” equipment (as seen in the photos below). This equipment is the same as you would see on any typical playground, just installed a different way due to the fact that it is installed on a rooftop. We coordinated with a lifting solutions company to get all materials on the rooftop. Playground equipment, playground rubber tiles… everything. This company insures that all necessary permits and flag people are in place, as required by the location. Each of the five boroughs in New York has its own requirements for this (of course), but it is all factored into the project and not the responsibility of the building owner.

We then check all the drainage on the rooftops before installing the playground rubber tiles. “Unity” brand rubber tiles are purchased through our local supplier Signature Sites LLC. For the most part, the tiles are installed in a herringbone pattern. However, on this project also designed a black “race track” pattern for tricycle riding and a hopscotch board with custom numbered stencils (also seen in the photos).

On rooftop playground projects like this, rubber tiles are a far better solutions vs. poured in place. For one thing, it is much easier to get the manufactured material up on the roof, but also because these tiles can easily be removed and replaced in the future if any roof repair/work is necessary.