As the expert poured rubber flooring company in the U.S. we install playground flooring for schools, daycare centers, community pools and play areas. Our training on poured in place rubber surfacing dates back to the late 1990’s. This is about the same time the poured rubber product was originally introduced to the market. Once we became the expert playground surface installer, we established MJD’s Property Solutions in 2005. MJDs Property Solutions has served as both and landscaping company playground and safety surface installer. As our business grew, it became clear that is was time to establish ourselves as an industry leader in all types of rubber surface applications. In just a few years the surfacing division of our company has grown exponentially, out-pacing all other surface installations.

adventureTURF LLC is your Worldwide Park and Playground Company providing customers and owners with a turn-key solution for your projects success. We can complete your flooring project from start to finish. We offer site prep, debris removal, retaining wall and drainage solutions, landscaping experience and many Playground & Safety Surface options like Poured in Place Rubber, Rubber Tiles, Rubberized Pool Deck and Water Play surfacing.

Having the capabilities, expertise, and experience in all these aspects—we are one of the largest nationwide installers of Poured in Place Rubber and Rubber Tiles—with our current teams having installation experience for over a decade.

Unlike most contractors and installers who perform a few surfacing jobs a year, our crews work on playgrounds and rubber surfacing full-time. We have created industry-leading techniques, which assure your surface is installed according to product specifications and deliver the quality and safety rating you desire.

In addition, we perform our own logistics and installations. This guarantees seamless integrated services from day one of each and every surfacing project.

With our highly-trained and expert staff, we can oversee and schedule multiple projects, maintaining quality customer service and integrity to meet your needs—nationwide.

Finally, we believe our rubber surface installation pricing is the most competitive in the industry based on our substantial buying power with our suppliers.

In all, this provides you with the Highest Quality Products, Superior Service Levels, Competitive Pricing, and most importantly—A Safer Playground Environment for Our Kids and Loved Ones.