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A work team replacing rubber tiles with poured rubber playground surfacing

How much does a poured rubber playground cost?

Safety surfaces are great for play areas, but what does a poured rubber playground cost in 2022? That’s the question we’re answering here. First, we’ll look at poured rubber safety surfaces in general by tackling some frequently asked questions about poured rubber playground cost per square foot. Second, we’ll give you an overview of some […] Read More +
What Are the Pros and Cons of Playground Surfacing and Flooring Materials?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Playground Surfacing and Flooring Materials?

The world of playground surfacing options can be vast and complex. You want playground surfacing that does it all: meets safety requirements, fits your budget, and requires low maintenance. Plus, your playground project has its own unique needs and priorities. The question remains: what flooring material is suitable for your playground project? We’ve created an […] Read More +
A Wooden playground on a sand surface

Pros & Cons: Using Sand as a Playground Surface

Sand has been a universal element in playgrounds and parks for decades. There are many exciting activities people associate with sand, from constructing sandcastles to leaping around with friends. In recent years, the safety of sand as a playground surface has been called into question. Is sand a really safe option for a playground? Can […] Read More +
Natural Grass Playground Soil Surface

Pros & Cons: Natural Grass or Dirt for Playground Surfaces

Should You Choose Natural Surface for Your Playground? It may seem like the ground surface options for your playground area are endless, with options ranging from natural grass and dirt to poured-in place (PIP) rubber. Each option has its own maintenance needs, expected longevity, accessibility ratings, and installation requirements. Naturally, we think your best option […] Read More +