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Playground Surface Design & Stenciling Ideas

Designs as Unique as Your Playground Okay, so we may be biased, but one of the coolest things about poured in place surfacing for playgrounds, is that design and color options are almost limitless. Stenciling is a really attractive way to add unique designs to make your playground surface stand out. We’ve worked on playground […] Read More +

Safe Playgrounds: What to Look For

Not so long ago, playgrounds were fairly dangerous places for children to play. Monkey bars and climbing towers 10 feet tall, everything made of metal that gets hot in the sun not to mention its propensity to rust in the rain, and play surfaces that were made of rock hard dirt or even pavement. Safe […] Read More +

Grant Options for Rubber Playground Surfacing

Looking into how to pay for that new playground? See our playground grants resource list. Most often, the first thing we talk about with prospective new playground surfacing customers and local community organizations is budget. For obvious reasons we (and they) must stay within their budget constraints. But there are a significant number of playground […] Read More +

Playground Safety Checklist

Without question, the most important thing to think about when considering options for your playground or playground surfacing is whether or not the playground is safe. is a great resource to use when researching safety standards for your playground and surface. Checklist of the Top 10 things to Consider for Playground Safety Adult Supervision […] Read More +

Playground and Safety Surfacing Maintenance

Despite what many people may believe, poured in place rubber surface is not 100% maintenance-free. Of course, it’s a lot easier than maintaining wood chips as a playground safety surface. By no means does this mean that it isn’t a durable and reliable playground safety surface that will last a long time. A newly installed […] Read More +