Only the best!

When we began sourcing our poured rubber flooring surface material to install as playground flooringpool deck surfaces, and other safety surfaces, we carefully researched and selected our surface materials supplier: American Recycling Center, Inc. We chose them because they produce rubber granules with an ambient grinding process that uses only the finest quality raw materials. The raw materials are generated from industrial manufacturers—free of wire, fiber, plastic, wood, and other undesirable contaminants. Only premium industrial scrap black rubber like EPDM, SBR, and Naturals make up their premium blend of rubber granules.

We know our use of quality poured wet rubber is important to our clients—teachers, day care centers, parents, and community personnel—because our rubber flooring material is often used on playgrounds and other areas where children are present. That makes it a priority to us.

Simply stated: this rubber is better for playground surface materials!