Special Needs Playground Surfacing

Special Needs Playground Surfacing

  • Wisconsin Early Autism Project – Brookfield, WI
  • 3,100 sq. ft. Special Needs Playground Surfacing Project

Special needs playground surfacing is a niche that not every surface installer can provide. Children with special needs often need special playgrounds. Teachers, caregivers, and parents look for areas for their special needs children to play that don’t adversely affect children with sensory issues or create unnecessary physical challenges.

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project leaders are no different. adventureTURF worked with this amazing nonprofit to install the organization’s very first special needs playground. The new play area was installed at one of its centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin. What made this project even more fun was that the center is was practically in our own backyard! adventureTURF has teams all across the country, but our home office is located in Wisconsin. Being able to install a new playground surface in Brookfield, Wisconsin, for such a wonderful organization made the work even more rewarding.

Our playground design consultants were able to advise project managers at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project on the types of playground equipment they should purchase and install for their new play area. They of course needed equipment and surfacing that would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), while still providing a fun and aesthetically pleasing play area. The type of poured in place surfacing material we work with can be easily installed to accommodate both children and adults with physical disabilities. What’s more, adventureTURF playground design consultants are experts in the surfacing requirements for ADA compliant playgrounds. We love to install playground surfaces where everybody is able to play!

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