Park Playground Resurfacing Project

Park Playground Resurfacing Project

  • Danville, IL
  • 4,000 sq. ft.

One of the great benefits to having a poured rubber surface on your playground is that it can easily be repaired or resurfaced in the future. While poured rubber is a long-lasting, virtually maintenance free surface for all playgrounds, it doesn’t last forever.

There is a small amount of maintenance that is required from time to time on a poured rubber playground surface. Some surfaces that have been damaged or simply from sheer popularity and overuse they need a little loving care. Resurfacing is a great option for playgrounds like the one in Danville, IL.

Multiple areas in this popular community park needed a recap over the existing poured rubber surfaces. adventureTURF crews were able to go in and resurface the areas underneath a large play set, merry-go-round and infant swing seats.

Recapping or resurfacing your poured in place playground can be a very economical alternative to a completely new one and the result looks exactly the same!