Northeast USA

Complete Rooftop Playground Install

This was a complete rooftop playground flooring solution in New York City. We installed “surface mount” equipment (as seen in the photos below). This equipment is the same as you would see on any typical playground, just installed a different way due to the fact that it is installed on a rooftop. We coordinated with a lifting solutions company to get all materials on the rooftop. Playground equipment, playground rubber tiles… everything. This company insures that all necessary permits and flag people are in place, as required by the location. Each of the five boroughs in New York has its own requirements for this (of course), but it is all factored into the project and not the responsibility of the building owner.

Playground surface installation for NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)

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Military Base Playground Poured Rubber Surface Installation

The Fort Drum Military Base is home to the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. According to the base, “More than 15,000 military service members and about 3,700 civilian personnel (including contractors) work at Fort Drum, with about 15,000 Family Members living on post or in the local area.” The base offers child care and recreational programs for children including playgrounds. Read More +

Hospital Playground Surface

This large playground located outside one of the Johns Hopkins Hospital buildings is a great example of how poured-in-place rubber flooring can be used in a variety of locations. Read More +

Rooftop Rubber Tile Playground Installation

Rubber playground mats & safety tiles make it possible to install playgrounds virtually anywhere—even a rubber tile playground on a rooftop in one of the largest cities in the world! adventureTURF playground surfacing developed a strategic partnership with rubber tile manufacturers and lifting companies throughout the five boroughs of New York City to make rooftop playgrounds possible. This project was installed on the rooftop of a building in Brooklyn, NYC, where space for a playground is not always available. Together with our strategic partners, we are able to bring the dream of a brand new and safe rooftop play area to a facility and community that lacked the space to accommodate a typical playground surface area. Read More +

Replace Woodchips with ADA Compliant Playground Floor

Many communities and schools in the United States are replacing existing woodchip playground surfaces with new ADA compliant playground floor. Institute of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Washington, DC, is no exception. Woodchips are simply not a safe playground surface for children to play on—not to mention the fact that it is nearly impossible for children with disabilities to navigate the play area. (We wrote about playground woodchips here.) Read More +

New Playground Surface for Daycare

We advise most of our customers who are looking for a durable, long-lasting playground surface to choose a poured in place rubber surface. Often times, it is possible and much more economical to recap damaged playground surfaces. Read More +

Replacing Rooftop Surface With Rubber Tiles

adventureTURF works with lots of nonprofit organizations, community organizations, day care facilities, and other groups who need help getting a new safety surface for their playgrounds. We were able to partner with this Police Athletic League non-profit to provide a replacement for an aging rooftop playground they had at their facility. Partnering with our tile manufacturer and our lifting solutions specialists in New York, it made installing another rooftop playground possible. Read More +