Proper Maintenance and Care for Playground and Safety Surfaces

There is no playground surface that is completely 100% maintenance free—not even poured in place rubber playground surfaces.

Probably the most common misconception with rubber playground surface is that it is maintenance free. Like everything else in the world, this product requires a little bit of TLC to keep it looking great (and functioning properly). There is no question that poured in place surface is the best and safest product currently on the market. With that comes a VERY durable and long lasting material. However, a little routine maintenance is needed to keep the surface looking great and performing well.

High Traffic Areas

The first item that needs to be addressed is wear in high traffic areas. This usually occurs under swings, slides and on the perimeter of merry-go-rounds. With children constantly dragging their feet to stop momentum in these areas, some maintenance becomes necessary. Take a look at some of our maintenance photos here.

Keep it Free From Spills and Debris

Always make sure your playground safety surface is kept clean. Should a spill occur or if someone tracks in some unwanted debris, make sure it is cleaned as soon as possible. If spills such as soft drinks, gum, chemicals, glue or other liquids are not cleaned from the surface quickly, it can cause loss of color to the poured in place surface. Simple soft soap like a laundry detergent and warm water seem to work best.

When thinking about a new playground surface, always make sure to discuss a future maintenance plan with your contractor. Poured in place playground surfaces, while not 100% maintenance free are very durable, very long-lasting, and very safe. So, although not much in terms of maintenance is needed on rubber poured in place surfaces, no product is truly 100% “maintenance free”.