adventureTURF Announces Partnership with Rainbow Child Care Center

July 3, 2017

Rainbow Child Care Center has contracted adventureTURF to install poured in place surface on all playgrounds at each of 7 new child care center sites


Rainbow Child Care Canters | Playground Surfaces | adventureTURF(Milwaukee, WI) Rainbow Child Care Center has recently contracted the services of adventureTURF to install poured in place surfaces on playgrounds at each of the seven new child care center sites they have opened. The surfaces are planned to be installed on the each of the center’s play areas for children age two to five and children age six to 12.

“With the poured in place surface, the play areas will be accessible to children of all abilities and ensure everyone can enjoy and play on the equipment. Our product ensures total accessibility and all safety standards and critical fall heights are met,” stated adventureTURF company president Mike Dallmann. “We are excited to be helping Rainbow Child Care make their facilities even more safe and child-friendly and to keep their costs down.”

There are three playground surface areas being installed in Madison, WI, one in Milwaukee, WI and one in each location in Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio. The installations are set to be complete by July 30th of 2017.

“Rainbow Child Care Center originally opened in 1986 in Hillsborough, New Jersey and we are excited to be helping this trusted name in child care to update their facilities and help children of all abilities enjoy time outdoors,” continued Dallmann. “Our company, adventureTURF has been installing these safety surfaces for years and we have an experienced crew that handles every aspect of the design and installation process.

At potential customers can learn about the rubber playground surface installation services offered, as well as the American Recycling poured in place surfacing material used for this project. In fact, it is the manufacturer that recommended the services of adventureTURF directly to the Rainbow Child Care facilities. The expert installation crew at adventureTURF has the ability to travel to the sites across the Midwest for this project. This reduces costs for Rainbow Child Care while ensuring superior results are achieved.

ABOUT ADVENTURETURFadventureTURF | Playground and Safety Surfacing Installation

adventureTURF is a turnkey playground and safety surfacing company that offers customers a number of surfacing options including poured in place and pre-fabricated rubber tile systems. The primary focus of the adventureTURF crew is to install the safest surface possible for both children and adults to work and play. We do this by using only the highest quality playground surfacing material available on the market today. Whether customers need rubber surfacing on a community playground, pool deck surface or rubber safety flooring, the team at adventureTURF can design and install a quality recreation area that fits a customer’s needs and their budget.

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